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June 29, 2015


Israeli War Crimes Started When Politicians Launched Wars on the Gaza Population By Uri Avnery

On Greece and Europe, What is Called 'Negotiation' is a Demand for Total Surrender By Michael Hudson

Shedding Imperial Conceit Is Necessary for Playing a Constructive Role in Correcting Current Abuses By Jim Zogby

Hypocrisy and Double Standard, US Corporate Media Never Mention Attacks by Non-Muslims as Terrorism By Tariq A Al-Maeena

The B Vocabulary, The Western Left and Its Sterile Field of Ideas By Ramzy Baroud

Is BDS Replacing Iran as Israel's Blackmail Card By Alan Hart

JVP, BDS and Jewish Liberal Terror By Gilad Atzmon

US Needs to Rethink Strategy in the Middle East, Must Get Back to Basics By Joe Barnes and Andrew Bowen

The Positive Future for a UK Outside the EU By Ewen Stewart


Opinion Editorials/2015/June/29 o/Solar PV, Miles Per Acre Per Year  By Henry Hewitt.htm

US Oil Glut, An EIA Invention By Leonard Brecken

Expect A Wave Of Consolidation In The Oil Industry By Leonard Brecken


June 22, 2015


The Radical Reconfiguration of Southern European Politics, The Rise of the Non-Leftist Left By James Petras

Global Rightwing Radicalization, Militarization, and the Boomerang Effect By James Petras

Foreign Policy Coup, De-Americanization of World's Conflicts By Ben Tanosborn

Response to the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir By Mark Dankof

The Two-State Solution Is the Only Solution for the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict By Uri Avnery

magine Living with Illegal Israeli Jewish Squatters as your Neighbors By Nureddin Sabir

Israeli Jewish Terrorists Burn Church of Loaves and Fishes Multiplication in the Galilee, Write Anti-Christian Graffiti on its Walls By Mazin Qumsiyeh

Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards, The Alice in Wonderland World of Fast-tracked Secret Trade Agreements By Ellen Brown

Ethiopia's Election Insult to the People and Democracy By Graham Peebles


June 17, 2015


Israel Doesn't Just Abuse Children, it Murders them By Khalid Amayreh

Targeting the BDS Movement, A Zionist Project to Criminalize Criticism of Israel By Lawrence Davidson

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, BDS, A Legitimate and Moral Response to Israeli Apartheid and Occupation By James Zogby

Netanyahu and Zionist Fear Mongers, Including Adelson and Saban, Replace the Fading Iranian Threat With the Boycott Threat  By Uri Avnery

Response to the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir By Mark Dankof

Israelis Murdered, Maimed Thousands of Palestinian Civilians, Knowingly and Deliberately By Khalid Amayreh

Israel's Race to Economic and Moral Bankruptcy By Jonathan Cook.

Iran, Like the Rest, Is Not Blameless in Middle East Devastation By Ramzy Baroud

Global Political Quagmire, Leaders who could Not Lead By Mahboob A Khawaja

Syriza's Plunder, Pillage and Prostration, How the Hard Left Embraces Policies of the Hard Right By James Petras

Russia's Caucasian Knot By Henry D' Souza

Fast-tracking TiSA, Stealth Block to Monetary Reform By Ellen Brown

Busting the Canadian Shale Oil Bakken Myth By Andrew Topf

It Is Too Late for a Just Peace in Palestine By Khalid Amayreh.

Night in Gaza in Summer of 2014, a New Book By Mads Gilbert

A Video Discussion By Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro and Gilad Atzmon About Judaism and Jewish Identity Politics


June 8, 2015


America the Beautiful: Why We're Finished By Mark Dankof

65% of Americans Believe Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program Should Be Acknowledged and Inspected, an IRmep Poll

Mild-Mannered Bernie Sanders, A Conscience Americans Don't Want By Ben Tanosborn

Peace Negotiations or War Preparations, Colombia, Iran, China, Cuba, Ukraine, Yemen, and Syria By James Petras

Albright-Hadley MEST Project, Developing a New Long-Term US Strategy in the Middle East  By Jim Zogby

US-Saudi Agreements on the Use of the Oil Weapon By John Manfreda

Jewish Terrorists Who Burned Palestinian Arab Child Alive Recount their Wicked Crime By Khalid Amayreh

What Happened in June 1967 Was a War of Naked Israeli Aggression By Alan Hart

A Witness Account, The Palestinian Catastrophe, Nakba, Was Created By Denying Refugees Return to their Lands After the 1948 War By Uri Avnery

David Aaronovitch And The Jewish Solidarity Industry By Gilad Atzmon

Status of Palestine in 2015, 67 Years After the Catastrophe of Establishing Israel By Mzin Qumsiyeh

The Good, Bad, and Uncertain About More Countries Recognizing the State of Palestine By Ramzy Baroud

Jordanians Restrict Border Crossings, Leaving Hundreds of Stranded Syrian Refugees in Remote Desert Areas, a Human Rights Watch Report


June 1, 2015 


Capitulation, US Rebukes Israel While Showering it with Arms and Favors By Jonathan Cook

The Futility of Counting on Netanyahu for Peace By Khalid Amayreh

Israel Will Only Get a Peace Treaty If Palestinians See it as Worthwhile and Honorable By Uri Avnery

US-EU Undermine International Law By Preventing Prosecution of Israelis for  War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity By Lawrence Davidson

A Critique of US Grand Strategy toward China, Seven Mistaken Assumptions, Presumptions and Prescriptions By James Petras

Beyond the Middle East, The Rohingya Genocide By Ramzy Baroud

Washington's Two Track Policy to Latin America, Marines to Central America and Diplomats to Cuba By James Petras






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