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March 23, 2015



McCain Competes With Boehner on Who Is More Loyal to Netanyahu and More Hostile to Obama than the Other


Netanyahu's Reelection Is Bad News for the World, More Wars, Fears, and  Oppression By Lawrence Davidson

Netanyahu's Victory, Now What President Obama By Alan Hart

The Messiah Hasn't Come and Bibi Hasn't Gone, That's the Sad Election Outcome By Uri Avnery

Pathological Liar Netanyahu Needs First to Shun Fascist Jewish Parties Before Asking the Palestinian Authority to Disown Hamas By Khalid Amayreh

Regime Change, US Failing Excuse for Permanent Wars By Ben Tanosborn

Russian History Exposes Media Lies By Eric Walberg

The Jewish Left Is Not The Solution, It Is The Heart Of The Problem By Gilad Atzmon

France, Greece, and Brazil, Leftist Lies, Deceptions, and Self Destruction By James Petras

s the US Really Open Up to Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Syria, and Iran By Nicola Nasser



March 17, 2015

Netanyahu deserves the Israeli people, and they deserve him By Gideon Levy

A Fourth Netanyahu Term, More of Unbalanced, Clinically Mad Israeli War Monger By Alan Hart

Israeli Elections, It's Time to End the Netanyahu Regime By Uri Avnery

Israeli Elections, Diaspora Jews Vs Israelis By Gilad Atzmon

Netanyahu Came, Saw, and Conquered, The Power of Israel Over the United States of America By James Petras

Republican Congress Sides With a Foreign Leader, Netanyahu, Against the US President, Barack Obama By James Zogby

Secret History of My Geography Teacher, Hammad al-Hasanat, also Cofounder of Hamas By Ramzy Baroud.

UK Zionists plot to force Southampton University to cancel conference on Israel and international law By Nureddin Sabir

Why is it that no one is paying attention to Adolph Lieberman By Khalid Amayreh

The ECB's Noose Around Greece, How Central Banks Harness Governments By Ellen Brown

Greece Breaking Out of the Euro Prison By Eric Walberg


On Beauty, Palestine, and Controlled Opposition Kevin Amara speaks with Gilad Atzmon

Arab World Political Disintegration and Search for Reason By Mahboob A Khawaja.

Consumers Winning With Low Oil Prices, For Now By Thomas Miller

From Libya to Italy in Search of Freedom By Graham Peebles

Obama's War in our Hemisphere and Venezuela's National Liberation Struggle By James PetrasI


Emperor Netanyahu Arrives in the US, Using Boehner's Unconstitutional Invitation, in Defiance to the Obama Administration





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