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February 28, 2015


Emperor Netanyahu Arrives in the US, Using Boehner's Unconstitutional Invitation, in Defiance to the Obama Administration


Beloved God of Republicans, Tormentor of Democrats, Benjamin Netanyahu, Getting Ready to Be Worshipped in a US Congress Session, on March 3, 2015

Bibi Netanyahu Imposes himself on America, Providing an Example of How Anti-Semitism Develops By Gilad Atzmon.

Binyamin Netanyahu, A Disaster for Palestinians, Israelis, the Region, Jews Everywhere, and the Whole World By Alan Hart

Netanyahu Expensive Speech in US Congress, An Insult and Humiliation to President Obama, By Uri Avnery.

Netanyahu's Legacy, A Fractured Israel and a Divided America By James Zogby

Where Is the Jewish Outrage at Israeli Settler Nazism in the West Bank, By Khalid Amayreh

A Seminal Cry for Justice, Palestine Asks the International Criminal Court to Try Israelis for their War Crimes in Gaza By Lawrence Davidson

After More Awareness in US-EU About Israeli Threat to World Peace, Netanyahu Finds New Allies in China, India, and Japan By Jonathan Cook

Obama Admits that Grievances Led to Violence in the Middle East, US Policy in the Region Should Change as a Result By Ramzy Baroud

After Six Years in Office, Obama Believes To Have Seen the Great Light in the Middle East By Ben Tanosborn

So-Called Violent Islamic Extremism Caused By US Support for Israeli and Other Opressive Regimes in the Middle East By Alan Hart

How to Stop Bogus Wars and Articulate Global Peacemaking By Mahboob A Khawaja

Unlike most British Jews, The Vast Majority Of UK Muslims Are Loyal To The Kingdom By Gilad Atzmon

Israel Should Pay for Weapons-Grade Uranium Smuggling Site Cleanup in PA, IRmep Lawsuit

New Spate of Syrian Government Barrel Bomb Attacks, Defying UN Resolution, a Human Rights Watch Statement

Yemeni Security Forces, Militia Abuse Protesters, a Human Rights Watch Statement

Civilian Toll in Libyan-Egyptian Derna Air Strikes, Seven Dead, Dozens Injured, a Human Rights Watch Statement

Swimming With the Sharks, Goldman Sachs, School Districts, and Capital Appreciation Bonds By Ellen Brown

The Easy Oil Is Gone, So Where Do We Look Now By Andrew Top

Oil Returning To $100 Or Dropping To $10 By Martin Tillier

February 20, 2015


Sheldon Adelson Ordered Netanyahu's Speech in Congress, to Show Who Is In Controll of Both US and Israeli Governments By Uri Avnery


Netanyahu Is Coming to Congress, Showing Obama and AIPAC Who Is Really the Ultimate Boss in the United States By Adam Keller


Who is Netanyahu and Why Should the US Congress Boycott his Speech By Mazin Qumsiyeh


Countering Violent Extremism Summit Stirs More Concerns Among Muslim Americans By Abdus Sattar Ghazali


ISNA Responds to President Obama's Remarks at White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism 


Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Expresses Serious Concerns Regarding White House CVE Summit


Major Muslim American Organizations Decline Participation in the White House CVE Summit Over Concerns Over Stigmatizing Muslim Americans


Obama's Sound Theology and Smart Politics Compared to Conservative Anti-Muslim, Racist Vomits By James Zogby


Parking Space Terrorism, Time for Action After Killing of Three US Muslims By Ramzy Baroud  


Alan Hart writes About the Truth Most Jews Do Not Want to Know About


Stuart Littlewood Writes About Hidden Zionist Agenda of the Church of England 


Anti-Semitism is on the Rise in Europe, NONSENSE By Uri Avnery 


I Was Born in Israel Many Years Before I Realized Israel Was Palestine, Gilad Atzmon Interviewed By Mehmet Gurhan


Arab Leaders Count Dead Bodies, Arab People in Search of Peace and Competent Leaders By Mahboob A Khawaja


UN So-Called Peace Coordinator, Bulgarian Nikolay Mladenov, Unwelcome in Palestine for his Bias Towards Israel By Nicola Nasser


As Phoenix Rose from the Ashes, Novo Rossiya Will Rise from Western Sanctions By Ben Tanosborn


UK Priest Stephen Sizer Silenced by Israel's Stooges By Stuart Littlewood


Before We Reach an Oil-for-Food Moment in Libya By Hafed Al-Ghwell 


Libya Is Now Beyond Any Easy Solutions By Hafed Al Ghwell


Libya, Journalists Under Attack, Assaulted, Kidnapped, and Killed With Impunity, a Human Rights Watch Statement


Zaki Bani Irsheid Sentenced by Jordanian Court 18 Months in Prison for Criticizing UAE, a Human Rights Watch Statement 


Why Public Banks Outperform Private Banks, Unfair Competition or a Better Mousetrap By Ellen Brown


Why Oil Prices Must Go Up By Nick Cunningham


Iraq Was Second-Leading Contributor to Global Oil Supply Growth During 2014 By Asmeret Asghedom


Shale Gas and Tight Oil Are Commercially Produced in Just Four Countries By Faouzi Aloulou 



February 9, 2015


54% of Americans Want Netanyahu to Be Investigated for Nuclear Weapons Tech Smuggling Before his US Visit, an IRemp Poll

Join ADC, AAI, and CPAO to Demand Boehner Cancels the Speech of  Netanyahu, the Butcher of Gaza Children

The 'Great War' of Sinai, How to Lose a 'War on Terror' By Ramzy Baroud.

US Loses Its Grip on Israel and Palestinians By Jonathan Cook

Dear Syria, From One Refugee to Another By Ramzy Baroud

For Arabs Everywhere, Zionism Is the Synonym of Evil By Uri Avnery

Israeli Arms Company and UK Government Running Scared from Accusation of War Crimes by Rooftop Protestors By Michael Deas



Video: George Gallowy Calls on UK Jewish Audience of Dissociation with Zionism and Israel But They Shout at him By Gilad Atzmon.

Two Videos Addressing Detractors and Jewishness By Gilad Atzmon.

Oil Prices & Oil Wars

Lies And Deception In Ukraine's Energy Sector By Robert Bensh

Rise Of The Vulture Investing Class Providing Credit to Distressed Oil Companies at Exorbitant Rates By Nick Cunningham

Arctic Oil On Life Support By Nick Cunningham

Increasing Demand For Refined Products Will Increase Oil Prices By Dan Steffens

India's Trade with Arabian Gulf States Declined Due to the Fall in Crude Oil Prices By Shafeeq Rahman




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