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Ukraine Crisis:

A New Cold War Orchestrated By Israel to Contain Russia, Sabotage its Gas Pipeline Network

By Charles E Carlson

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, March 15, 2014



The Meaning of Russia in Crimea and Beyond

Today President Obama unilaterally imposed various sanction on Russia, a de facto act of war, economic sanctions are said to be pending. The Ukrainian revolt was not a surprise to either the US or Israel.  And Russia’s landing in friendly Crimea is Putin’s natural first, but not his last response.

Major Russian oil and gas pipelines traverse Ukraine on the way to Western Europe. (1)

 Russia’s other foot will come down in the Ukraine wherever and whenever there is serious revolt  because it has no choice.  Otherwise the US, and probably Israel’s orchestrated “revolutionaries” will soon control all those natural gas and crude oil pipelines that start from nine entry points in Russia and run everywhere in the Ukraine, and all the way across it to Europe.  Germany buys more gas from Russia than does the Ukraine.  Therefore, Russia must protect its resources from sabotage and expropriation; else it will lose its market for its largest resource upon which it depends. This is obvious from the pipeline map.

We have been thrown a curve by our war-making government.  And, we can now see why President Obama backed down on making war in Syria; he was aiming for something bigger.  Even Iran is on the back burner.  Yes, Russia sounds too big to pick on, but we must remember, since about 1913, The Business Of The USA Is War.  It should be our national bumper sticker. We, who opposed the old wars as well as the new ones, need to expose  the link between Ukraine, Israel, the Russian Oligarchs now making their home in Israel, and our own banking Oligarchs and the military complex.  Fortunately, some connections are already out in the open. Obama is already pressing Israeli President Netanyahu to make a peace pretense with Mr. Abbas, the puppet leader of the captive Palestine.  

It is necessary to create the illusion of peace in Palestine because Israel will play a big part in Ukraine and beyond in what we will call, World Drone War I.  Those who lead our leaders are serious about war in Russia, to be sold to the American people as a bloodless, “no boots on the ground war,” the very first in the history of the world.   It will (if allowed to begin)  turn into a  long term, expensive marathon.  Even  Iran does not hold a candle to the war-making value that can be wrung out of the Ukraine crisis. One sure, little piece of evidence of a long planned war plot against Russia, is that Obama and all his team of world travelers and happy international vacationers, including Senator John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, boycotted the 2014 Winter Olympics, instead of sitting in Putin’s private box.  Not a sole from the US diplomatic corp went to Putin’s grand party, they were all home arranging the coup. 

Very un-sportsman like! Putin understands what is coming his way. He threw down the gauntlet when he allowed Edward Snowden asylum in Russia a year ago.  Putin can not back down because his economy, and probably his life is at stake;  Obama will not back down because he has, we think, orders from the world banking Oligarchy. It appears  that Israelis were  involved in the coup that forced Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovychout of the way.  It is, therefore, likely his replacement, Interim President Oleksandr Turchynov, is a US/Israel proxy.  This make perfect sense if the US and Israel are behind the scheme. Press TV referred to reports published by Haaretz and the Times of Israel on March 1, verifying that, “an Israeli army veteran identified as ‘Delta’ headed a street-fighting unit in Kiev. 

The unit, called the ‘Blue Helmets of the Maidan’, was made up of a force of 40 men and women, including several Israeli army veterans. The reports added that the unit was linked to ultra-nationalist groups. The reports said that ‘Delta,’ a Ukraine-born former Israeli soldier, used combat skills he acquired in Israel’s Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade to rise through the ranks of Kiev’s street fighters… the Blue Helmets comprise 35 men and women, who are led by five ex-Israeli soldiers. 

It is very convenient that many Israelis are formerly Russian and speak the language.” Israel regulars were also involved in 2008 Georgia rebellion. Professor Stephen Cohen, of Princeton University recently observed on Al Jazeera News,“Russia has no choice but to protect its interests in Ukraine.” Whoever controls central and eastern Ukraine controls the gas and oil flow from Russia to Germany and beyond through a maze of pipelines Russia built.  Putin can not allow the USA and Israel or anyone else to control Ukraine with gorillas.

Angela Stent wrote The Limits of Partnership: U.S.-Russian Relations in the Twenty-First Century.(2) CNN Opinion(3):

“The Ukraine Parliament voted Yanukovych out of power on February 22, and he fled to Russia. But in a recent news conference, the former President insisted he was still the boss and that he wants nothing more than to lead his country to peace, harmony and prosperity.  At the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania, Vladimir Putin told a surprised George W. Bush, “You have to understand, George, that Ukraine is not even a country. Part of its territory is in Eastern Europe and the greater part was given to us.” After the Soviet collapse, Crimea suddenly became part of an independent Ukraine to Moscow’s shock. Moscow and Kiev worked out a deal to divide the Soviet Black Sea Fleet between Russia and Ukraine. In 2010, Ukraine extended the Russian lease until 2042.”

For a more full understanding the Mr. Putin’s motivations, I suggest Allison Weir:” Russia, Israel and Media Omissions” (4).   Writing prophetically nine years ago years ago, Weir warned us that then first term Russian President Vladimir Putin had temporarily rescued the fledgling Russian infant semi-democracy from a mob of “Oligarchs” who had grasped control of most of its huge assets, including oil and gas.  She explained that some of these new business magnates were in effect a Russian criminal mafia who had fled Russia for Israel where they qualified for citizenship, in order to avoid prison in Russia.  

Some did go to prison, and some of these Russian Jewish refugees have been showing up at political events in the US, seeking she suggested, political advantage and support here.   Alison. Weir has unraveled the Oligarchs’ history  and she rightly complained that the US press was avoided informing us about the anti-Russian lobby from Israel was at work in Washington.  Alison Weir is also author of Against Our Better Judgment..  

In 2014 President Obama is now carrying the torch for the Israeli-Russian Oligarchs, who would have us destroy Russia at our expense and our financial structure with it in what we will call, World Drone War 1.   The remaining wealth of the American middle class will be transferred to the US Banking Oligarchy by this process of what will prove to be a continuous war funded with Federal Reserve created money.  In the process, it is likely Europe will be thrown into uncontrollable depression. If the USA vs Russia conflict goes forward, as I think is planned, might have a 10 year,  $8-10 trillion war, bigger than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

As we stated in the very first line of script in our own film, Christian Zionism, the Tragedy and The Turning (5),  ”America’s economy is war based, which is why we have so many.” The one effort that can stop World Drone War I, must come from a legitimate, spiritual and morally fired anti-war movement.  At this point in time, this movement can only come from inside America’s mainline churches, who are beginning to awaken to the tragedy of our waring.  You will find the account of this long awaited awakening in the many articles and video’s on the website.

WHTT podcast on this article with further analysis by Chuck Carlson:





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