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State of the Union Address to be Delivered by President Barack Obama in January 2010

 Written By Mazin Qumsiyeh, October 14, 2009

My fellow Americans.
Millions of you and not special interest groups elected us to office on a platform of change and it is time for us all to deliver.  I am laying out a program to do so but first we have to face some painful truths that have increasingly become obvious…
On the economy:
As you know, we now have the largest ever recorded debt for this government (at 11.9 trillion dollars meaning some $40,000 national debt per citizen of the USA).  We have also just recorded the largest deficit in budget in history with our government expenses outpacing revenue by $1.4 trillion for the last fiscal year. The fact that our citizens and corporations are also frequently in debt to the same creditors means that those creditors hold a very strong stranglehold on our economy and our nation's future.  Some of those people are individuals who have traditionally owed their office to the US government- people like royal families in the Gulf Arab states.  Others have far more influence and control over International financial institutions.  The future of America cannot be held hostage to those foreign interests.
A study by the economist Thomas R. Stauffer showed that the cost of the US support to Israel until 2003 was $3 trillion (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, June 2003).  I have asked an independent team of economic advisors (not including any supporters of Israel or of Palestinians) to evaluate these figures and the panel concluded that the figures are actually somewhat higher.  Seven years ago, our country has invaded and occupied Iraq costing us thousands of American lives and over a million Iraqi lives but also costing us an additional $3 trillion (see the book by Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stieglitz and Kennedy School of Government professor Linda J. Bilmes, “The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict”). That we attacked Iraq in contravention of the UN charter and at the behest of a group of neoconservative Zionists is now well established (see the book by Professors Mearsheimer and Walt on this Israel-first lobby).

The same lobby is pushing us for conflict with Iran which other economists estimate will be even costlier (Iran has a size and population three times that of Iraq and its military is far more advanced than Iraq ever was even before the sanctions were applied to Iraq in the 1990s). In short, our support for Israel (even excluding conflict with Iran) has cost us more than half our national debt of $12 trillion.  My administration wants to get our house in order and spend and live within our means. These desires shared by most of us must now be matched by actions and I call on us in the executive branch and on both houses of Congress to get together to effect a real change that will prevent any further erosion in our economic power and slowly begin to reclaim our rights.
On national security:
My fellow Americans....I was gratified to receive the Nobel Peace Prize but getting top peace is not an easy task when dealing with a history of wars and conflicts over the past 200 years.  This is especially true when we in America had a large part to play in these wars and conflicts.  In 1916, the first major European war was raging and had reached a deadly stalemate with trench warfare.  Germany offered a deal to end the war and the parties returning to prewar borders.  But our country was approached by a group of our own citizens who as part of the International World Zionist Organization have made a different deal with Britain and France.  These citizens including one previous Supreme Court Judge pressured our government to enter the war on the side of the allies who promised the Zionist movement to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine in return for this lobbying effort.  Palestine then had a population that was 93% Christian and Muslim native Palestinians.  The Jules (French) and Balfour (English) public declarations of support for the Zionist project were then adopted also by the US Congress under heavy Zionist pressure. Many humanistic Jews opposed the scheme that would collect them from around the world displacing native population.  Despite the majority of the US public being against us entering that European first war, our government decided to go to war based on these narrow short-term political interests.  After WWII, my predecessor President Truman decided to support the Zionist project for similar reasons.  This only matched his decision to use atomic weapons that killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of civilians even when he knew that surrender by Japan could have been achieved in other less deadly ways. Since 1945, we have used American military forces in over 40 countries killing millions.  Today we have US troops stationed in three times as many countries.  Our military uses most of our discretionary budget.  We are now engaged in active hot conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  Our military forces have also engaged in attacks in Somalia and Sudan in the last two years.  It is not a coincidence that these are all countries in the Middle East that the domestic lobby called AIPAC has had a lot to say about long before the conflicts arose. 
The security establishment now recognizes that our attacks on these countries did not enhance our security but degraded it in the long term and created a pool of millions who hate our policie.  Since the events of Sept 11, 2001, the US has lost more credibility around the world as we failed to investigate the real reason behind these events or to draw the appropriate lessons. Instead our government chose to listen to foreign agendas and engage in brutal attacks on others who had nothing to do with Sept 11 using manufactured myths and propaganda that we are now resurre4cting with respect to yet one more country- Iran.  Surveys showed that even among our traditional allies in Western Europe, people believe the US and Israel (not Iran or North Korea) pose the most significant risk to world peace. My administration has done much to allay the fears of the rest of the world about US hegemony and intentions of unilateral dictates on their future.  But our statements must be matched with actions on the ground which we have so far failed to achieve.  We cannot address people’s legitimate concerns about US policy by public relations. 
Addressing these challenges:
The conundrums created by the policies cited above cannot be solved by incremental changes like stimulus packages, healthcare reforms, shuffling some troops from one country to another, or closing Guantanamo (needed as these are).  The American people and the world at large look for real change and it is time to listen to them instead of Washington lobbyists.  I am laying out these principles that I believe are critical to begin to achieve the change we all seek:
1-I ask Congress to dissolve the Federal Reserve (a private unelected entity of Bankers) an institution that caused great pain in our country.  The Government will print its own money and this money will return to being backed by Gold.  We cannot continue down the same direction that already degraded the dollar value by 40% against the leading world currencies over the past few years.
2-I have invoked my right as a commander in chief and in compliance of US law that prohibit funding violators of human rights and issued an executive order that suspended all military and economic assistance to the state of Israel (now at $3 billion is our largest foreign aid recipient) until a) it complies with human rights and prosecutes all officers who committed human rights violations (especially those using US supplied weapons and finances) and b) it complies with all relevant United Nations General Assembly and Security Council resolutions.  I ask the American public to engage in discussion to expose the extent of financial loss caused to us by support of Israeli violations of these resolutions.  Citizens have a right to demand transparency about who lobbies their congressional representatives and what decisions they make in Congress that benefits foreign powers at the expense of US citizens. Hillary Clinton had to step down as Secretary of State because of clear conflict of Interest issues that will be investigated involving the same foreign interests. I am pleased to report that Cynthia McKinney has accepted to be my nominee for Secretary of state.
3-I have instructed my Attorney General to create a task force to seek return and reimbursement to the American public from the World Zionist Organization and the State of Israel the massive transfer in wealth that occurred as a result of their activities especially when these activities were illegal under US laws (e.g. not registering under the congressional requirement of registration as foreign lobbies).  There is now considerable evidence that the Zionist movement has accumulated  hundreds of billions of dollars with schemes that are at best shady and at worst extortionist and illegal, it would be indeed possible using existing laws to seek a return of these assets. There is also evidence that some of these same money was recycled to spend on lobbying activities to and pressure tactics to get even more billions of dollars.
4-I have asked the Department of Defense to begin the process of withdrawing US troops from all 120 foreign countries they are stationed in (beginning with Afghanistan).  Our budget prediction is that once this is accomplished we will be able to trim our defense budget in half saving tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars.
5-We will create two new national museums each with the same budget as the current National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.  The museums will commemorate the genocides (holocausts) of Native Americans and of African Americans.  This will begin to heal the wounds of our world and face-up to our own historical responsibilities.
6- Where we were wrong historically we must face up to it.  I have thus asked ex-president Jimmy Carter and the group of elder statesmen to lead the creation of a “Truth and Reconciliation Department” with sections to deal with all outstanding issues including Vietnam, our war and Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.  The commissions created under this Department will have jurisdictions to prosecute war criminals or refer them to the International Courts as legally appropriate.
7-We will no longer support dictators and corrupt leaders. We will demand removal of dictators like Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak who has been in office for over three decades with Western support.  We will support democratic elections even when parties that get elected are not supportive of Israel or the previous US policy shaped in Tel Aviv.  We will instead engage in immediate talks with groups like Hezbollah and Hamas and with countries like Venezuela and Iran to build a better future for all of us inequality and we will push for democracy and support of the will of the people even when this means resistance to Israeli hegemony. As John Kennedy stated once "If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable."
8-We must focus on the daunting real challenge of our planet not the manufactured crises that special interests want us to focus on.  Thus, instead of confronting Iran, Venezuela, and other nations, I am now asking those nations to join us as equals on the table to discuss climate change and fair and equitable distribution of world resources. We will together invest in alternative energy and safeguard our joint environment. And we will eliminate nuclear weapons.
9- I urge our allies to use the example we set and face to the historical injustice they have committed (e.g. European Colonization in the Americas, Africa and Asia) so that we can put these issues behind us as we focus on other pressing issues.
These changes that provide practical solutions will be resisted by the same entrenched power that created the problems.  We must be courageous enough to demand real change and implement it.  We recall how in our nation’s history it was always people who made the change not politicians.  It was the masses of people that gave the women’s right to vote, and later achieved the pressure needed to realize the enactment of civil rights laws.  It was massive people resistance that ended the war on Vietnam and ended US support for Apartheid South Africa.  To these movements we are also grateful for the 40 hour week and for social security and for the support of education that allowed a person like me to be who we can be.  I believe this is another pivotal moment in our history.  As we rise to the challenge, our economical, political, and moral standing will begin to make a real turn around. 
I stated before that these challenges and the changes they require are bigger than one government or one country alone can handle.    People of various faiths and of all political and ethnic backgrounds are indeed joining together to address these issues.  I know we can count on millions of you in America and millions abroad to join us in this historic struggle for a better future. Now is the time for real change.  This is our moment.   Join us.  God bless you and God bless our planet.
[One can hope; if not Obama, then maybe another US president but only when and if more/enough US taxpayers wake –up to how they are being fleeced and cause the change... that is our responsibility…]
Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A Bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home





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