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Zardari and Karzai Before Obama

a Poem

By Mustafa Kamal Sherwani

May 10, 2009
To reaffirm our slavery to the American Lord,
To renew our vow to wipe out the Taliban threat;
To wash out from our lands  the traces of faith,
We have come before you  with  folded hands.
We are at your feet in this  crusade against ,
We echo your words to term it as a ‘war on terror’;
Your praise for us is  the way to our lasting  peace,
For us, Allah' Will is meaningless before your joy.
Thousands of innocents  your bombs have claimed,
We decry you just on lips, and   seek your   refuge ;
We can never dare to speak  against our masters,
We hold our  chairs under the shade of your shoes.
But with trembling voice, we wish to bare the truth,
None can extinguish the Afghan’s  Divine  flames ;
For this reality we are ready to offer our heads,
We both are bound to suffer the horrors of  shame.
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.
Lucknow, U.P. India




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