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A Plea to President Obama to Stop the Zionist Savagery

By M L Boysen

A Member of a Tenth-Generation American Family, March 29, 2009

Dear Mr. President,
   We pray and hope against hope that  you have the strength and Humanity  to stop the fanatical Zionist-Jewish cult from continuing  hideous war crimes against the people of their host country of Palestine.   Unutterable Crimes that  it perpetrates on the defenseless in its all-consuming self absorbed behavior.  
   Slaughter and Murder of Innocents is not a problem for these awful  people who excuse themselves for disturbing World Peace for decades  (.....since ill-gotten inception)  and pride themselves on non compliance with International Law,   and who invariably act in complete defiance of World Opinion.
   Theirs is a greedy quest for  land and world dominance.    Dominance  obviously sought  at any cost in terms of Human Life and Dignity and without shame or common decency ----certainly without a clue as to what history shows to be delivered to them repeatedly as a result of such wicked behavior.
   Israel's savage and inhumane conduct is on its way to causing a nuclear holocaust involving every creature on the planet...  and to our shame, ....with the aid of American tax dollars.
   And as per usual these terrible people Do Not See what awaits them as they have a Blind spot for their own selfish interests apart from the rest of the Human Family. 
   If you would,    please obtain and view and listen to the Baroness Tonge's speech in the House of Lords on the ides of March in which she speaks for millions if not billions of people on this planet   when she condemns the conduct of these wretched self obsessed people.
   What will it take for leaders round the world,   those with the power to take action ..... TO DO SO--- before   they   all   take  action more or less in unison?          

The Death of the world?  For that is surely what is in the offing if these badly behaved obnoxious ones have their way.  They who have NO self knowledge!
     After over two hundred years,  the lovely American experiment seems to have come to an end in the wake of the takeover of our  political as well as our social traditions.   

Those traditions have now been plunged into the depths of corruption and misinterpretation by the truly foreign interests of the aggressive Israel-firsters here and abroad-- with plenty of help from home grown traitorous collaborators, cowards and fools, --to be sure. 
   But you, as leader of a once glorious dream now on the wane, may still have some residual influence  and we look to you for leadership at this time of such  a world threatening nightmare-- of a people out of control,  to take us back from the brink, to urge peaceful DEMAND it.   Our measures of success are Peace and Prosperity......not War and Plunder, and we pray you are not swayed by the thousands who have been hired by those same Jewish-Zionist interests to write letters expounding the demands of Israel and the Jewish-Zionist people....hired pens who urge War and Human Suffering! 
   We ask that you look to your own heart and your own American people and the Peoples of All the countries of the world    (who far outnumber those paid lobbyists ), --we who are watching....   and waiting.....

MLBoysen, pismo beach, CA

Zionism is not Judaism.





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