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The Zionist State Needs Psychotherapy

By Adib S. Kawar, March 16, 2009


In a “democratic state” one of its privileged citizens, a Zionist Jew, stabbed 24 times and killed a man of the unprivileged category of its “citizens”, on the pretence that he like the rest of its members, the Arabs, are animals without souls!!!

The story proceeds to tell us that a certain 24 years old Julianne Savvier an “Israeli” of French origin led the 35 years old Arab Jerusalemite taxi driver, Taisir Karaki, to his apartment and stabbed him 24 times up till the Arab fell dead we guess the assassin Savvier, according to his racist convictions, breathed with relief for doing his sacred duty.!!!

A Tel Aviv court ruled to refer Julianne Savvier to a psychological diseases hospital instead of a judicial court in spite of admitting that he committed his 2007 crime. Savvier justified his crime by saying: “Arabs are like animals, his killing is like the killing of any animal, Arabs has no souls, I decided to kill an Arab, just because he is an Arab”!!!

During his interrogation Julianne Savvier said that he is Christ, and told the Army Broadcasting Station, what he did was for “nationalistic” reasons!!! A murderer Christ “Messiah”, not the peace loving Christ that we know and about, at least, one third of the world population believe in and follow his teachings of love, tolerance and mercy!!!

Taisir’s sister who attended the court’s session with his widow and other members of the family said: “This is not a fair and unprejudiced rule, how is it possible that the murderer is not fit for trial after admitting that he killed my brother just for being an Arab, his blood was not be spilled to no avail!!!

At the same time we read in the same paper that the Palestinian Center of Human Rights published the final figures of casualties of the assault on the besieged Gaza Strip by the so-called “most moral army in the world”, meaning the “The Israeli Occupation Forces”, which is 1434 martyrs, most of who are civilians. 

The report proceeds to give the following breakdown of the above figure, saying that just during the 22 days long assault on the Gaza Strip, which proves that the most immoral racist army caused the following casualties, which proves that it is not differentiating between civilians and non civilians among the targeted besieged population in the most densely populated slip of land in the world the area of which is 360 sq. kms:

Out of the 1434 martyrs who fell there were 960 civilians

239 policemen during their graduation ceremony

235 resistance men

288 infants

121 women

This in addition to 5303 wounded mostly civilians among who there were:

1606 infants

828 women

A high percentage of the wounded victims had lifetime disabilities

Of course the case should not be referred to a Zionist court for all hospital handling psychotherapy cases would be over flooded with war criminal labeled psychotherapy needed. 

Thus Palestinians insist on referring especially this case to international courts dealing with war and human rights crimes.

We are not going to ask the simple question who belong to the animal kingdom and who doesn’t, because it is a too embarrassing a question to ask!!!

The justification by the Zionist entity’s judicial system of the murder of Taisir Karaki  by Julianne Savvier is not by any means different than the other bodies of this illegal criminal entity as a punishment for the unlimited war crimes that it committed before, during and after the Gaza Strip genocide is by itself a crime should receive the severest ever punishment. 

Their excuse is exactly the same that is given by the executive system and its security arms. All those employed by every single body that forms the Zionist entity, namely the legislative, judicial and the executive bodies are raised, educated and trained in such a manner, which proved that they are bred and stuffed with a racist ideology to justify their war and human rights crimes; so as such this is a society that by large requires intense a psychological therapy treatment, and expulsion from all Arab occupied lands.




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