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Schumer and Lieberman Should Resign From the U.S. Senate

By Sam Hamod, March 16, 2009
It’s time that both Senators Schumer and Lieberman resign from the U.S Senate because both have shown they care more about Israel than for the U.S.A.  

This has been evidenced for years by their behavior toward anyone trying to bring a fair peace to the Middle East, whether it be the late Prime Minister of Israel, Rabin, or former President Carter or in the past few days with their attacks on behalf of AIPAC against one of America’s finest diplomats, Charles Freeeman—an honest man who was willing to put his health, intelligence and retirement on the line to serve our country as head of the Council on Intelligence Estimates, and a man trusted by our top security expert, Mr. Blair, and a man respected by President Obama. 

What is also important is that he is a man trusted by China and by one of our staunchest allies, Saudi Arabia—and a man who both countries respect; this is important in a world where many of our diplomats and “leaders” have lost credibility because of our behavior in the past 9 years.
How is it that men who show they are more loyal to Israel than to America are able to wield such influence?  Why should they be allowed to remain in one of America’s most important and august bodies, the U.S. Senate when their loyalties lie elsewhere?  They have shown time and again that they care more for Israel than our country.
It’s also interesting to note that both Schumer and Lieberman have been instrumental in guaranteeing that Israel get over 1 billion dollars per month—while America is broke and needs the money for our citizens.  Add to this, that Mr. Freeman is on good terms with China and Saudi Arabia, both of whom do not ask for aid, but who also have been financing American debt for decades—and without them we would go into a complete national collapse, a national bankruptcy.
So, what is it that they have against Mr. Freeman; only this, that he is pro-American and speaks the truth for the sake of our country.  Since when was that a crime?  Since when is AIPAC more interested in America than Israel?  Since when is Israel more important than our own country? Many in the State Department and in our intelligence agencies know of the disloyalty of Schumer and Lieberman and they, like me, are fed up with this and would like more of the American public to know of the situation.  With the attack on Charles Freeman, it is time for the rest of us to fight back.
With all this in mind, I believe it is time for us all to ask that Schumer and Lieberman resign from the U.S. Senate and work on becoming real American, not pro-Israel, citizens.


Dr. Sam Hamod has been a consultant to the State Department, edited 3rd World News and served as a professor at Princeton, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and Howard. He has written extensively in US and international journals and websites.




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