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Statement on President Obama's Speech

By Muslim Indian Organizations, June 9, 2009


New Delhi

Mr. Syed Shahabuddin, Convener,

Joint Committee of Muslim Organisations for Empowerment has issued the following statement:

ĎAs Muslims form a global community they cannot ignore a major initiative by the President of the USA which is the only global power. President Obamaís cairo speech should be welcomed as a good beginning but Muslims should exercise caution in drawing conclusion and take note of its short comings.

The first short coming is that President Obama practically ignores 1/3 of Muslim world which live in minority situations.

Secondly, President Obama is very soft on Israel because of domestic compulsions. He equates Palestinian resistance with Israelís military invasions, expresses no commitment to press Israel to withdraw from Arab Occupied Territories and demolish existing Israeli settlements on the West Bank or the Wall. Neither does he offer to Israel a security umbrella or withdrawal from the Arab areas which would meet Israelís persistent excuse. He has no words to condemn Israelís recent invasion of Gaza. He forgets to mention Israelís nuclear arsenal, the only one in the Middle East.

President Obama waves the flag of democracy but whether it is Palestine or Afghanistan, its legitimacy in his eyes, depends on its pro-American stance. He offers development resources but his generosity is limited to those Muslim states which are friendly to the USA. On Iran, Obama offers unconditional dialogue, and grants it right to access nuclear energy, provided it signs the NPT, which Israel has not.  

The real test of President Obama will be how far he can go to press Israel to withdraw from the Occupied Territories and desist from changing the geography, history and demography of Jerusalem which is a sacred city unity for Muslim, Christians and Jews alike.

The third shortcoming is his policy on Afghanistan; continued foreign occupation and support to an unpopular regime is bound to prove counter- productive. Al Qaida can be tamed only by a democratic regime in Afghanistan.

New Delhi

Joint Committee of Muslim Organisations for Empowerment

D-250 Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi -110025 Ph: 26946780. Fax: 26947346


Syed Shahabuddin






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