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Playground for bombed Kindergartens and Checkpoint Circus

By Code Pink, June 9, 2009



A Summer Camp in Gaza?


More than 750,000 children are incarcerated without a trial in Gaza – the largest prison in the world.  It is forbidden to send toys and playground equipment into Gaza. 

The Israeli authorities define even paper and crayons a "Security Hazard". In defiance of this obituary and cruel regulation, a delegation of Israeli and American feminists, residents of neighboring towns, the clownish doctor Patch Adams and the Israeli Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (ICIRCA), will travel on Sunday to the Erez Checkpoint. We will come to the sealed crossing armed with Slides, Swings, Kites, Magic castles and similar deadly weapons, in order to pass them through to the besieged and bombed kindergartens in Gaza. 

The action is organized by the Coalition of Women for Peace (Israel) and Code Pink (USA). The Code Pink activists have already achieved the construction of one kindergarten playground in Gaza, and staged a rally during President Obama’s speech in Cairo, demanding the president put his money where his mouth is, and cut the US funding of the siege on Gaza.  

Patch Adams, the protagonist of the 1998 Robin Williams film, will stage a border-line clown show deflating the ballooning cruelty and arrogance of the siege and highlighting the absurdities robbing the children of Gaza of their right to a life of safety, freedom, and laughter. The Clown Army will be aiding and abetting. 

Code Pink will attempt to traffic the playgrounds through the border.  If apprehended by the Israeli army, insistent on denying the children of Gaza -  hundreds of whom have been killed and thousands orphaned in the long years of siege -  the fundamental right of PLAY, the Playgrounds will be erected on the border.


Kindergartens for Gaza

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