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Israel's Terrorists:

The Man Who Murdered Count Folke Bernadotte

By Adib S. Kawar, June 7, 2009


Dear Brian Cloughley

As an uprooted Palestinian Arab I would like to thank you for writing The Man Who Murdered Count Folke Bernadotte. You did an excellent job in uncovering the criminality of the so-called Zionist “freedom fighters” who as you expressed had no moral deterrent in executing their war crimes and crimes against humanity in their attempts to steal Palestine from its legal owners and ethnic cleansing it to replace them with imported colonizers through the employment of Zionist terrorist gangs headed such criminals such as Yehoshua Zettler under the leadership of Menachem Begin the leader Irgun Zvati Leumi (National Military Organization) gang and his colleague Yitzhak Shamir who also joined the Irgun Zvai Leumi, an underground Jewish militia organization directed against the British control of Palestine, without whose help Zionism would never have been able to occupy Palestine and steal it from it people and of course Palestinian Arabs. When the Irgun split in 1940, Shamir sided with the most militant faction, Lehi, headed by Avraham Stern.

Both Zionist terrorists Begin and Shamir took part in the Deir Yaseen and many others similarly bloody criminal massacre and later became both prime ministers of the terrorist state of “Israel”.

But what is surprising Mr. Cloughley is writing in no other than the highly respectable CounterPunch magazine “America’s Best Newsletter”: “What a nauseating savage. And what a wonderful example to the Taliban, Hamas, and all the other lunatic extremists on the other side of the wall.” Is it not surprising to read such a comment from an anti Zionist and anti colonialist comparing the real Palestinian freedom fighters such as Hamas with Zionist murderers and to an extent with Taliban! Hamas and other Palestinian and Arab resistance organizations such as Hezbollah fought honorably and never committed war crimes to liberate their Arab occupied land against invaders. Both Hamas and Hezbollah never attempted like European resistance did after the liberation of Europe from Nazi occupation to massacre collaborators. The French resistance for example killed about ten thousand French collaborators. Arab resistance never attempted to commit massacres even though the invading occupiers whether Zionist or other foreign occupiers of their land who Arabs suffered savage massacres on their hands. In spite of the treachery the Lebanese collaborators committed against their people and homeland Hezbollah in the year 2000 simply captured the collaborators whom Zionist occupation forces withdrew without informing them and left them to meet their fate, Lebanese resistance captured and handed them to the Lebanese official authorities, though they deserve a more severe punishment than what they got.

International law considers resistance to occupation to be most legitimate and legal.

The undersigned is secularist Christian Palestinian Arab but I owe all the respect and gratitude to Hamas and Hezbollah though they are both Islamist for their sincerity, honorableness and lack of racism both religiously and nationally.


Adib S. Kawar

An uprooted Palestinian Arab

Beirut Lebanon

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