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Archimandrite Filominos was assassinated by Zionist Colonizers while Performing mass in Church in Nablus

By Adib S. Kawar, December 3, 2009


Beatification of the Martyr Archimandrite Filominos And was Considered as a Saint of the Orthodox Church

*Who ever enters the church feels engulfed smell of scent emanated from the body of the martyr saint

Arabs site and Kull Al-Arab newspaper – Nazareth

Last updating  30-11-2009

Translated by: Adib S. Kawar

A ceremony was officially performed on Sunday morning 29/11/2009 in the Orthodox church if Beer Yacoub in Nablus, Palestine, to announce the beatification of martyr Archimandrite Filominos whose name was put on the list of saints of the Orthodox church on the basis of a decision by the holy collage.

The ceremony was headed by the patriarch assisted by the archbishops of the Jerusalemite patriarchate chair and a number of archbishops of the Cypriot Church in addition to a delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church. Noting that the remains of the saint are preserved in the church where he was martyred.

The decision of the Holy Collage to include the sainthood of martyr Archimandrite Filominos on the list of the saints of the Orthodox Church was officially announced during the mass, his remembrance shall be celebrated yearly on 29/11, which is the date of his martyrdom.

Martyr Archimandrite Filominos was the head of Deir Yacoub monastery in Nablus Palestine, and while performing the evening mass in the church on 29/11/1979 a gang of Zionist colonizers entered the church and assassinated him in a savage criminal manner with sharp weapons to fall a martyr soaked with his blood in the church which he served and while praying in it. 40 years passed on his martyrdom and his remains were always treated with respect and reverence by the Palestinian and visitors of the Holy Land.

The martyr was born in Cyprus and he went to the Holy Land in his youth and served in several monasteries and churches. He wore the monks dress and was ordained a deacon and then a priest, and the last place he served in was the Monastery of Beer Yacoub where he fell martyr. His holy remains are a source recompense and blessing, as it was said that many people recovered from their sickness, and the body of the martyr saint emanates a smell of scent that engulfs those who enter the church.

A special mass was held for the feast of the martyr saint and an icon was painted for him. 29/11/2009 was a historic day in Nablus that was flooded with thousands of believers and pilgrims who fetched his, his remains and his icon’s blessings, and joined the big celebration.






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