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Captain Courageous Witnessed:

Dr. Kelly Assassinated!

By W. Leon Smith, December 27, 2009


 So you'll never tell anyone else that your government sexed up the evidence on weapons of mass destruction, will you? Well, at least I've told what I know about the Bush Team's cover-up of military casualties, whatever he does to me. You became frightened and tried to recant, while I've been flying at them stirring up as much fuss as possible. I hope my plan works better than yours.

July 18, morning, letter to Dr. David Kelly, England

December 10, 2009

 Dr. David Kelly, the UK scientist and war critic with connections to the BBC and the New York Times, predicted that he would be assassinated for daring to be right about the lack of Iraq WMD evidence while UK leaders chose to be wrong. His corpse, found on July 17, 2003 under mysterious circumstances, proved his prescience. At the time Tony Blair and George W. Bush were meeting in Washington to discuss their wobbly war, and to menace their critics. Coming when it did, Kelly's murder was something right out of Macbeth or Machiavelli.

 Captain Eric H. May, the U.S. journalist and war critic with connections to NBC and the New York Times, likewise predicted that he would be assassinated for speaking truth to power about the Iraq war. Ironically, May, a lifelong Texan, had contacts, even friendships, with Bush administration insiders. In 1995 The Wall Street Journal asked him to write an essay on the art of executive speech writing. A year later he was interviewing with Team Bush about becoming the then-governor's speechwriter for the upcoming 2000 presidential campaign.

 After the outbreak of the Iraq war, though, the former Army intelligence officer became an enemy of what he contemptuously called the "Bush League" when it collaborated with the mainstream media to cover up the April 5-9 Battle of Baghdad. Heavy Army and Marine losses were hidden under embellished stories about Pvt. Jessica Lynch. During this heinous act of stolen valor, the Bush administration kept a lid on things back in the U.S. by threatening and medicating the bereaved families of the fallen.

Exposing the Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up (BOBCUP) became Captain May's crusade. He confirmed it through political, media, and military contacts. Going to Ft. Stewart, Ga., he received details of the battle, and a chilling death threat from a Special Forces officer. Col. Neil Dennington's insinuation that dissent would be met with "special forces detachment" was an early hint of the Bush/Cheney "executive assassination" Special Forces detachments reported by New Yorker investigative journalist Seymour Hersh last year.

 After the 2003 July 4th weekend, three months after BOBCUP, May sensed an anti-Bush movement in the country, especially within the armed forces, and resolved to tell the truth to the American people, damn the consequences. He knew that it would be a perilous mission. An astute political observer, he anticipated and annotated the US/UK assassinations of July 17-22, 2003. During this "July Jumble," as it came to be called, a wide array of VIP figures would be murdered, including the UK's David Kelly, New York City Councilman James Davis and Saddam Hussein's sons, Uday and Qusay. George W. Bush may have been on the hit list himself, as suggested by the notorious "Shooting Bush" political cartoon published by the LA Times on July 20 -- in the middle of the July Jumble:

 Surprised to find himself still alive at the end of it all, May published a report that has already become an underground classic of military intelligence and principled action. The Lone Star Iconoclast is proud to vouch for the valor of its intelligence editor, Captain Eric H. May, and the validity of his historic opus, Ghost Troop Introduction, In it investigators and readers will find e-mails exposing the motives behind war and politics as well as  cover-up and assassination. They will find the best military analyses in America, both published and unpublishable. Finally, they will find appended information proving that, if dedicated to his cause, a courageous captain may win a battle, influence a war, and even change the course of history.

 * * * * * * * * *

W. Leon Smith, Publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast. Founded in 2000 to cover Crawford, Texas -- home of Bush's "Western White House" -- The Lone Star Iconoclast received international acclaim as much-needed Texas truth in the post-9/11 neocon wilderness.

 For further reference:

 Dr Kelly WAS murdered and there has to be a new inquest, say six top doctors






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