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A Video: Opinions of Israeli settlers in Occupied Jerusalem about the illegal Israeli Settlements on Palestinian Lands and Obama

Click on the following link to see the video:

50 Palestinians Driven out from their Homes for Israeli Settlers in East Jerusalem

News Commentary By Paul and Carol Bradford, August 5, 2009


Reading the news about 50 Palestinians being driven from their 50-year homes in East Jerusalem, and then - Israel's grandstanding by putting their "settlers" into these homes represents just another travesty against these families.  

So the UN and US is protesting? You've got to do much more. Israel has been getting away with hundreds of international violations. When is this vicious state going to be put to a stop?

A REAL stop, that is. American taxpayers are supporting this state which professes to be a "democracy." Yeah, sure. Bombing Palestinian homes is one of their favorites, some democracy.  

Only President Eisenhower had the guts to threaten to stop funds given to Israel by the United States. This is the only way to exact punishment against such a punitive and we might say, out-of-control state.  

Is this the Administration that will help to put a stop to this 60-year occupation?  

Paul Bradford
Carol Bradford

For background, read:

Hillary Clinton Calls Israel's Eviction of Jerusalem Families Regrettable, Fayyad Warns of Less Chances for Renewed Peace Talks




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