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Muslim Basher, Patrick Poole, Preys On People Fears 

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph, August 17, 2007


Paul Harvey news delights us everyday with his "the rest of the story", however, Patrick Poole of Hilliard, Ohio, while he is good at defaming and antagonizing Muslims in central Ohio, has nothing substantive to offer.

After reading Dispatch story by Barbara Carmen about Abukar Arman, A Somali immigrant and a father of four who was cleared of any ties to terrorism after being accused as such by Mr. Poole, I became interested in the accuser. After all, this is the same Mr. Poole who attacked many reputable members of the Muslims community and their religious and educational institutions.

In my search I found out that Mr. Poole harbors such rabid hatred toward Muslims. One wonders if this man has ever met a Muslim. It is obvious after reading his hate literature and reading his interview that he uses the verbal equivalent of "shock and awe" to make a name for himself. This man is a vocal diversionist. The following is a mere sample of these tactics:

Last June, he attacked our Governor Ted Strickland for visiting local Muslim.

He also denounced Mike Curtin, the CEO of Columbus Dispatch for speaking to Muslims.

Last May he attacked Salah Sultan, a nationally noted Muslim scholars. For no reason other than his views- the very same thing he accused Abukar Arman of. [The US Constitution guarantees freedom of expression to every citizen and non-citizen living in this free country.]

He preys on people fears and depicts local Muslims as snakes hiding in the grass awaiting the next move and as such constitute threat for our homeland security.

Mr. Poole complained about and questions the reason behind the 6 ft fence around Sunrise Academy - the only full-time Islamic school in Ohio.

Poole has profiled every vocal local Muslims in Central Ohio. Despite the fact it is illegal for our own government to maintain a file on U.S. citizens for simply exercising their First Amendment Right.

Again, he is now raising the red flag regarding a Muslim mother who serves as the president of the PTA at Sunrise Academy and also sits on the advisory board of Hilliard Parks.

As in the case of Abukar Arman, Poole might soon publicly accuse this Muslim mother of the possibility of providing intelligence information about Hilliard parks to our enemy.

Mr. Poole who admits on his website that he devotes dozens of hours stocking, searching, and monitoring local Muslims should be ashamed of himself. Perhaps he should now show his true color, by considering to volunteer for the position vacated by Abukar Arman and 2 other member at Franklin county.

Personally, I was in the same dilemma like Mr. Arman hours after 9/11 terrorist attack. And that was shortly after I finished packing up my duffel bag in anticipation of deployment. My loyalty and patriotism to America came into questions by people like Mr. Poole who were calling local, state, and federal law enforcement agency on me. Even though I was willing and ready to die for America if need be. Thanks to Columbus Dispatch editor, a Jewish OSU professor, and a retired Christian lawyer and a Korean War Veteran who came to my defense.

Muslims like Mr. Arman and I in central Ohio are assets and not a liability. We have a lot to offer and a lot at stake. We also stand together with our local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies for the safety of our homeland security.

Only working together as Americans we can overcome hate and discrimination which will in turn allow us to overcome the threat of terrorism within our borders and abroad. Let us take heed from the words of Charles Caleb Colton when he said “We hate some persons because we do not know them; and will not know them because we hate them”.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph 

Retired USAF Veteran 

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