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Editorial Note: The following news reports may be  summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

Israeli Occupation Forces kidnap wife of wanted Qassam activist, Omar Abu Jaber,  3 of his relatives, and 10 other minors

[ 06/09/2007 - 09:19 AM ]


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) troops kidnapped the wife of Omar Abu Jaber, one of the wanted Qassam Brigades activists in Tulkarm district, at dawn Thursday from her home in Ektaba village, east of Tulkarm city.

Local sources said that the IOF soldiers stormed the village in a pre-dawn raid and kidnapped the wife along with three of his relatives.

The sources said that the troops thoroughly searched the activist's home before taking away the wife along with his son-in-law, his nephew and a third relative living near to his home. The home of all the kidnapped hostages were searched and ransacked.

This is the second time that the wife is being kidnapped in one month. In the first time she was kidnapped along with her sons Jaber and Osama along with her other son-in-law and her husband's nephew.

She was released a day later in the first time while the others were kept in jail.

The IOF command employs such a method to pressure the wanted activist to give himself in.

Meanwhile, another Qassam activist was wounded in Gaza while confronting the IOF invasion troops in Qarara east of Khan Younis city to the south of the Gaza Strip.

Medical sources told PIC that the Qassam member was hit with a bullet in his foot on Thursday morning while another citizen was similarly hit in his foot in the IOF gunfire.

IOFs kidnap 10 minors, shell targets in Gaza

[ 05/09/2007 - 04:27 PM ]


IOFs kidnapped ten Palestinian minors in a village west of Ramallah city at an early hour on Wednesday at the pretext they were throwing stones at Israeli settlers' vehicles.

In a similar campaign the IOF soldiers rounded up Palestinian children in a nearby village a few days ago.

In the Gaza Strip, witnesses said that a number of IOF tanks advanced into northern Gaza near the Beit Hanun city before retreating at noon leaving behind big destruction.

Witnesses said that the tanks destroyed animal corrals that killed a number of livestock.

Meanwhile, the IOF gunboats shelled positions of the newly formed PA marine police in Sudaniya northwest of Gaza city, but no casualties were reported.

In Balata refugee camp near Nablus city, IOF soldiers stormed the home of two Hamas prisoners and wreaked havoc in the building before detonating dynamite inside the third floor.

The recently built floor was completely destroyed and the powerful explosion cracked the entire building rendering it unfit for living.

Father of the two prisoners said that 17 persons, more than half of them are children, were thus homeless.


Note to Readers:

The Israeli settlements as well as the Land-Grab, Apartheid Wall in the Palestinian occupied territories have been built illegally on confiscated Palestinian lands. These represent a major violation of international law, Geneva Conventions, and they obstruct reaching a peaceful resolution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Israeli occupation forces abduct and kidnap Palestinians from their homes and at checkpoints, on daily basis. Most media refer to these abductions and kidnappings as arrests, which is inaccurate and not true as the Israeli occupation government has no jurisdiction over Palestinian citizens inside their own territories.

Further, when Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinian civilians, particularly when the victims are women and children, this should be referred to as an act of terrorism, and perpetrators should be described as terrorists.

Since the end of the second intifadha in 2005, not a single Israeli civilian was killed by Palestinian resistance organizations. However, Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israeli occupation forces, almost on daily basis.

Note to Journalists:

Any journalist who does not describe this as terrorism is biased, unfair, not objective, and a participant in terrorizing the Palestinian people, so the Israeli occupation of Palestine can continue endlessly.

Note to Translators:

The Arabic definite article, Al (or its variant, El) should be written with a hyphen separating it from the noun it is associated with, for example Al-Aqsa. If a hyphen is not used, as in Al Aqsa, it confuses non-Arabic readers. They may think that it is an abbreviation of the name Albert, as many Americans do.

The Arabic definite article Al (or El) should be written as such, whether it is Shamsiyah or Qamariyah in pronunciation, simply because we are dealing with the written form of the language, not the spoken one. Using the Shamsiyah so many forms in writing is inaccurate and confusing to non-Arabic readers, to say the least.

Only standard (fasih) pronunciation of Arabic names should be used. Non-standard ('ammi)  should be avoided avoided. Example: Names like Abu Sunainah, Abu Rudainah, and Abu Shebak are written by some translators in the non-standard forms of Abu Snainah, Abu Rdainah, and Abu Shbak.

The standard pronunciation of the vowel at the end of names is (a), not (e), particularly if it is followed by (h), like in the cases of Haniyah and Rudainah, not Haniyeh and Rudaineh.

The standard pronunciation of vowels in the following names is (ai), not (ei) as written by  some translators: Hussain, not Hussein and Hassanain, not Hassanein. This is the same long vowel pronounced in the English words "rain" and "brain."


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