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Al-Hoqooq Center slams attacks against Palestinian detainees in Al-Ramla Israeli occupation prison 

Sunday September 30, 2007 22:03 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC saed at imemc dot org

Al Hoqooq (Rights) Center, which advocates the rights of the Palestinian people living under occupation, issued a press release slamming recent Israeli occupation forces attacks against Palestinian detainees in Nitzan Al-Ramla Israeli occupation prison.

The Center reported that according to testimonies of two detainees identified as Bilal Kamil and Salam Shanaita, stated that soldiers attacks several detainees with clubs and batons and handcuffed them when they tried to defend a detainee suffering from psychological problems.

The detainee, who needs ongoing medical attention and pills for his disease, attacked a soldier after he was deprived from receiving his medications and was deprived from any medical treatment.

Later on, prison guards called for enforcements, broke into the prison and attacked the detainees after forcing them out of their rooms.

Detained Palestinian legislators and ministers were among the attacked detainees, and the detainee who attacked the guard was hospitalized suffering from concussions after he was attacked and punched by a group of soldiers.

Soldiers also sabotaged the belongings of the detainees, broke their radios, electric cooking equipment and confiscated food cans.

Detainee Kamil said that all detainees in section 9 are now not allowed to leave their rooms except when they need to use the toilets.

Several detainees informed a lawyer of Al-Hoqooq Center that they are facing harsh conditions, and cannot even make tea to drink.

Prison administration confined several detainees to solitary for different periods and barred them from their visitation rights.

The detainees voiced an appeal to human rights groups to intervene and stop the violations and attacks against them, adding that these attacks come in direct violations to the basic principles of human rights and the Fourth Geneva Conventions.



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