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Israeli Occupation Government Extends Detention of Nada Al-Jayousi, a Palestinian Mother of Nine Children

IOA extends detention of Palestinian mother of nine children

[ 14/07/2007 - 03:40 PM ]


The Israeli occupation authority has extended the detention of Nada Al-Jayousi, a Palestinian mother of nine children, for 11 more days for further interrogation at the Maskobeh detention center in occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources in Ramallah city, the hometown of Jayousi, recalled that the mother was kidnapped from her home and from the embraces of her children almost week ago only to be thrown in the damp dungeons of Maskobeh, one of the worst Israeli interrogation centers.

25 IOF troops burst into the home of Jayousi, 42, and took away the mother who is the chairperson of the Huda charitable society for women.

The Nafha legal society catering for prisoners and human rights denounced the continued IOA aggression on Palestinian women in violation of international human rights.

The society said that the continued detention of a mother and a chairperson of a society catering for improving conditions of Palestinian rural women constituted an infringement on the Palestinian woman's right of political freedom and her role in service of the Palestine cause.

The chairman of Nafha society, Mohammed Basharat, called on PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to protect Palestinian civil institutions and to demand the release of Jayousi the soonest.

In another case of IOA cruel treatment of Palestinian prisoners, mother of Mutasem Mawkedi, another Palestinian prisoner in Israeli occupation jails, appealed to the concerned legal institutions to pressure the IOA into allowing her to visit her son.

She said that she was deprived of visiting her son for the past 12 years at the pretext that her visit constituted a "threat to state security". The mother suffers acute pains in her knees and feet and could not walk properly.

Mawkedi, from a Salfit village, was imprisoned for aiding martyr Yehya Ayyash, one of the prominent field commanders of the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas Movement.

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